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Yard Art Policy

 Yard Art Policy June 20 2018

Art is an issue of personal taste rather than an issue of governing documents.  While it is not possible nor appropriate to make rules based on personal taste the SPE Board is instituting a policy regarding Art that is outside the home, in front yards, side yards and on houses.  The purpose of this policy is to continue to maintain a unified appearance in our community.

Yard art is defined as items that are manmade, or some natural items not in native settings or/and form; as opposed to landscaping materials such as rock, living plants, shrubs, trees and flowers.  This policy includes items placed in front and side yards, sidewalks, drive ways and mounted on gates, walls, and housing structures.

Yard art should be consistent with a Sonoran Desert or Southwestdesign. Colors should subdued and the objects should complement homes rather than outshine them.  A limited number of decorative items should be used.  In most cases, six (6) items will be the maximum.  

An application for approval must be submitted to and reviewed by the Architectural Committee prior to the installation or erection of any oversizedexterior decorative objects, natural or manmade. Oversized decorative objects are defined as any object exceeding 14 inches in height and 14 inches in either width or depth and includes, but is not limited to, such items as sculptures, fountains, driftwood, pottery, free standing poles of any type.  Oversized decorative objects will be considered based on their size, color, scale, location, compatibility and environmental design qualities and their visual impact of adjoining lots.

Among items that should be excluded are: anything highly personalized, valuable, and potentially offensive. The following is a partiallist of prohibited lawn ornaments.

Artificial flowers


Gazing Balls


Garden Trolls

Wind Mills

Bowling balls


Wishing Wells

Cupids /Angels


Shadow People








Oriental Lanterns

Train sets






Wind Ornaments

Decorative items that don’t comply with this policy may be place in the back yards.  Please note that large items and potentially offensive items will be subject to policy if they are visible to the neighbors or the community in general.

Holiday decorations should not exceed 45 days.  Christmas decorations should be removed by Jan. 15.



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