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Pack Rat Basics for Owners

The attached document provides an overview of Pack Rats and what you as an owner can do to minimize the damage they can cause to your property.  Some basic information about Pack Rats, as well as a simply summary of pro-active steps to take are provided below. 

PACK RATS - Some basics about pack rats:
  • Native to Tucson desert. 
  • Solitary, great diggers and adept climbers. 
  • Primary food: Cacti and beans…but they will eat just about anything !! 
  • One adult per nest. (The Good News!!!) 
  • BUT…rats reuse existing nests…before building their own. 
  • Need sheltered and protected nesting areas.
  • Cacti, bushes, rock crevices, heaters, car engines, gas grills, wood piles, boxes in garages, etc. 
  • Fortifies nest with:Cacti, rocks, sticks, pet droppings or just about anything else they can find!!

PACK RATS - how to be a pro-active owner. 
  • Minimize “low, luscious irrigated foliage”.
  • Keep plant growth off the ground. 
  • Bird seed?  Feed the birds…feed the rats! 
  • Keep garage door closed…especially at night.
  • Fix holes in garage door weather stripping
  • Check your car for nests….periodically. 
  • Keep “clutter” off the ground – inside garage and out. 
  • Yikes!!  Notice pack rat nests and/debris?
  • Call a Pest Control Vendor to remove rat AND nest!!
  • •Truly Nolan: Mention SPE HOA and DISCOUNT similar to Long Realty. 

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