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Sidewalk Clearance Policy

Sidewalk Clearance Requirements:  Vehicles and Trash Cans

SPE HOA is bound by AZHB 2395:  This law is designed to keep sidewalks clear for everyone, including those who can’t “just go around” such obstacles. The law says a sidewalk must be clear enough to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. In most cases, that's 5 feet of clearance.


SPE HOA Homes with Sidewalks:  

Vehicles:  This means owners cannot park any vehicle so that enough of the sidewalk is blocked to prevent someone using a wheelchair from passing. 

This includes vehicles parked in your driveway or vehicles parked in the street but up on the sidewalk.  This includes your vehicles or those of your vendors, for which you are responsible. 

Trash Cans:  Homes with sidewalks:  Trash cans cannot be placed on the sidewalks in front of owner homes but must be placed in the street.

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