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Risk Management-Letter to Owners

Dear Fellow Association Members,

Several months ago, the Board Members attended an information session that was run by our outside Law Firm. In addition to presentations on changes to the Arizona Association Laws, which our Association is governed by, we viewed a presentation on liability from an insurance expert. I thought that there were some very good points presented that we could all benefit from and this is my summary of what I thought would be worth circulating to all members.

I have also posted several short presentation summaries on our new website ( and I will refer to some of them in this summary. They are in a folder in the section entitled “Helpful Information for Homeowners” under “Risk Management Learning.”

  •   The point was reiterated that we need to ensure that we have Certificates of Insurance for anyone who does work on behalf of the association. The document outlining why this is so important has this title and is on the website.

  •   Since all of our homes probably have gas in some form it is important to reiterate the importance of Carbon Monoxide detectors in the homes. That document is also on the website.

  •   Pool and Spa safety is important but not just for the obvious reasons. Pool and SPA drains can be dangers and that is why the Association is diligent in maintaining these areas. A document explaining this is on the website.

  •   This was a big surprise. After fire, the next biggest cause of damage to our houses is from water damage and a leading cause of water damage is due to damaged or leaking washing machine hoses. The hoses that come with most machines are really only good for 4 or 5 years and this may be even less if they are in a garage in Arizona. There are high quality hoses available for $40 that are warranted for 20 years. This is VERY CHEAP INSURANCE against such a major hazard. I would add that any hoses, even those on water feeds for sinks and toilets, should be checked regularly and if the connectors are crimped, should be considered for long term replacement. Water valves on washing machines are also critical items when it comes to preventing water damage. Right behind these are water heaters. The documents detailing these risks and what you can do about them are also on the website.

  •   The biggest risk to our houses is still fire. There are several areas that warrant attention. Dryer vents are number one. They need to be kept clean since lint buildup and the heat of the dryer can cause fires. Outdoor grills are next. There are simple steps you can take to ensure that these are also safe. We all have chimneys and if we use them, care also needs to be taken of them. Aging electrical systems need to be inspected and maintained. And lastly, in the event that we do have a fire, smoke alarms need to be properly placed and operative. Short documents on each of these are also on the website.

  •   Lastly, many of you may be asking why the Board and its committees inspect properties, sidewalks, driveways and other areas. Many ask why we may try to eliminate certain trees and shrubs and why we have to spend money for upkeep of

certain areas. There is a very good one page document entitled “Protecting Your Assets” which is also posted on the website.

I hope you can find these documents worthwhile. If nothing else, please look at the documents on water damage and fire safety because they clearly show what you can do to protect your investment in your home.

I think that you will also find that many of the other documents will help you to understand why the Association does many of the things that it does and why we have to have certain rules.

It all goes to protecting our personal and common assets and minimizing our risk of loss. 

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