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Landscape Policy and Forms

Our CC&Rs outline the requirements and responsibilities of homeowners for yard appearance and the requirments abd responsbilities of the Board and Landscape Committee for common area appearnce. 

The following documents expand upon and clarify the CC&Rs.

  • Common Area Landscape Responsiblity and Management: The responsbility of the Board and Landscape Committee.  
  • Landscape Policy: Ensures all common areas and front yards are maintained in an attractive and acceptable desert setting. Manages the landscape contractor relationship. Approves or denies requests from homeowners with regard to landscaping issues that do not conflict with the bylaws, CC&Rs and landscaping rules adopted by the Board of Directors.
  • Landscape Modification Request Form:  Homeowners requesting common area modifications or changes shall obtain a Modification Request form from the Landscape Committee and submit a completed, signed form to the Landscape Committee. The Vendor Qualification form, if necessary, is located under the Policies and Procedures Page. 
  • Landscape Yard Review Form: Used to monitor the front yards of all homeowner’s lots to ensure they are in compliance with the bylaws, CC&R's and landscaping rules adopted by the Board. 
  • Front Yard Care: Additional information on front yard care.
  • Trees and SPE HOA and BOD Plan: Thinning our Tree Population 
Contact information for the Landscape Committee is in the SPE HOA CONTACTS page.

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