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Realtor-Title Company Information

NOTE:  Forms and Process completely revised to comply with New 2015 Arizona Law requirements for HOA, Seller and Buyer.

Owners, Realtors, Title Companies:  See Contact List to your right for person to handle your questions. 

General Information/Overview Letter: attached below
  • Putting your home up for sale?  What you need to know and do.
  • Attached document explains new process and obligations for both Seller and SPE HOA.
 FORM: HOA Planned Community Addendum attached below.
  • Must be completed by SELLER and HOA.  Call "Realtor Contact" on the Contact information page to your right for assistance in filling this out.  
 A Compliance For Sale Inspection by SPE HOA is REQUIRED, when property is put on the market. 
  • See Compliance For Sale Inspection Form attached below.
  • Please contact the Chair of Architecture Committee to arrange inpsection.  Chair contact information on the "Contact Information" page to your right. 
  • Note:  Title Company will ask if all violations in this Compliance Inspection have been addressed at closing. 
Realtor HOA Information Form:
  • This form addresses or answers most questions buyer might have about properties in SPE HOA. 
  • There are Transfer and Disclosure Fees.  These are listed in the Realtor HOA Information Form.

Buyer Document Receipt Form.  Acknowledgement that buyer received all documents required by law to be delivered to the buyer.

The following information is available on this website.  See the PAGES list to your right.

  • CC&Rs
  • By Laws
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Information
    • Most Recent Budget 
    • Balance Sheet - Dec 31 with Captial Reserve Balance included. 
    • Most recent September Balance Sheet
    • BudgetOperating: Summary for the Year
    • Budget Operating: Detail for the Year. 
    • Budget Capital Reserve detail. 
    • Dues Letter with Summary Operating and Reserve Budgets. 
  • Contact Information for Board and Committee Chairs
  • Policies and Procedures - including a SUMMARY of our Rules and Regulations.  Everyone is encouraged to look at this summary, which has some major rules and regulations, but also includes Trash, Rural Metro, Cable, etc. information. 

Attached Documents Below in PDF Format: 

  • Letter: What You Need to Know and Do.
  • Form - HOA Planned Community Addendum 
  • Compliance for Sale Inspection Form
  • Realtor HOA Information Form
  • Buyer Document Receipt Form
  • SPE HOA Insurance Certificate

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