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Pet Violations & Notifications: SPE

Pet Violations and Notifications: SPE HOA and Pima County -May 2022

It has often been brought to the attention of the Board that there instances where dog owners in SPE are allowing their dogs to behave in ways that are bothersome to other homeowners. This includes running free without leashes, excessive barking and pooping without being cleaned up. SPE has received verbal complaints on a number of these issues.

Generally, SPE considers these to be private matters between individual homeowners. However, the CCRs do outline issues that are issues for the Association.

There are three areas that are violations of the CCRs and any violation of these provisions are subject to fines by the Association.

  1. All allowed domestic pets (specifically no cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry or other livestock) are required to be housed in the house. No kennels or similar structure are permissible for the keeping of a domestic pet.
  2. Any allowed domestic pets that are not confined in the residence or fenced yard are required to be on a leash. This does not mean just attached to a leash, but on a leash controlled by the person walking them.
  3. The owner of a domestic pet is required to immediately remove any feces left on another owner’s property or on common property.

Owners are responsible for ensuring that renters or guest adhere to this policy and are ultimately responsible for the behavior of renters or guests.

In any of these cases, we need the cooperation of our residents in order to take action.

If possible, it is recommended that you first talk to your neighbors and let them know that Pooping, Barking or Dogs Running at Large are bothering you and ask them to remedy the situation in a reasonable amount of time.

If this has been done and it is a violation of one of the above CCR’s violations, please notify Sue Logan at Pinehurst Properties:   [email protected] or ( 520) 298-2146.  Specifics need to be included in this notification: Names of all involved parties (action on anonymous complaints is illegal), date, time and place of violation, etc. And, a picture would help. 

The first violation will generate a warning letter to the offender. After that, subsequent violations will be subject to a $100 fine.

For issues other than the above listed CC&R violations, you must CONTACT PIMA COUNTY. Pima County has ordinances and processes already in place to deal with these issues.

Visit or follow the link below for details on the complaint process.




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