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Rules and Regulations Compliance Co

It is the responsibility of the Rules and Regulations Compliance Committee to ensure that Sunrise Presidio East owners comply with the rules established in the CC&Rs, By-Laws,  and Policies and Procedures.   And, the Committee periodically reviews all homes for compliance. 

Items noted by the Committee as requiring your attention due to non-compliance with SPE CC&Rs, By Laws and/or Policies and Procedures are as follows: 

  • Continued Non-Compliance with an Architectural Committee Request.
  • Continued Non-Compliance with a Landscape Committee Request.
  • Cars parked on sidewalk or street for extended periods of time.
  • Cars parked in common parking areas for extended periods of time.
  • Parking of Recreational or Business Vehicles, Boats and Trailers, etc.
  • Garbage Containers need to be removed from public view.
  • Obnoxious noise, odor or activity disturbing the peace, quiet and comfort of the surrounding properties.
  • Parking of inoperable or junk vehicles
  • Exterior signage – for sale or otherwise.
  • Pet Maintenance:  Leashing  and Waste Removal
  • Business being run from home. 
  • Other________________________________________________

We appreciate your efforts to comply with the rules and regulations, which make SPE such an attractive place to live.  Thanks in advance for having the above noted items taken care of immediately.   

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