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Solar Panel Guidelines

Sunrise Presidio East Homeowners Association
5455 N Via Papavero, Tucson, AZ 85750
Solar Panel Guidelines
Updated Policy by Board of Directors
January 22, 2021
Solar Panel Guidelines 

  • All plans must be preapproved by the SPE HOA Architectural Committee prior to installation.
  • The solar system will only be installed on the roof of the house. No ground mount or shade structures are permitted.
  • The solar system will utilize the flat portion of the roof as the preferred area for the installation. Only after there are no other flat surface areas available, should the tile portion of the roof be used. If the tile portion is used, the panels must lie flat on the tiled portion of the roof.
  • The solar panels will not exceed 20 degrees on the flat portion of the roof. 
  • The wiring and conduit will be made to be inconspicuous as much as possible. The conduit will be painted the same color as the house.
  • All utility boxes associated with the solar installation will be painted the same color as the house. If solar company prohibits painting of boxes, they must be installed within the garage or home
  • Applications submitted to the SPE HOA Architectural Committee should include the following: 
    • A diagram “drawn to scale” by the contractor installing the system showing where the system will be installed;
    • Photos of the roof area where the array will be mounted;
    • Material to be used and/or manufacturer’s description of the system, photos and/or pictures of the system and color of the system.
    • Where possible, provide photos of similar existing systems as examples.


           Sue Levine, On Behalf of the SPE HOA Board             Date:  January 22, 2021


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