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Enforcement Policy


This attached PDF document contains all the following documents regarding Enformcement adopted by the Board on AUGUST 12, 2014. 

  1. Cover Letter:  Introducing the policy change to SPE HOA community.
  2. Enforcement Policy 
  3. Enforcement Policy - Monetary Penalties
  4. Notification Letters
    1. Friendly/Informal Request
    2. First Formal Notice of Violation
    3. Second Formal Notice of Violation
INTODUCTORY COVER LETTER (also included in attached PDF File below)
June 1, 2014

Dear Homeowner: 

Enclosed is a copy of the Resolution and Enforcement Policy (the “Policy”) adopted by the Board of Directors of the Sunrise Presidio East Homeowners Association, Inc. (the “Association”) to update the Association’s policies and procedures for enforcement in order to conform to the current state of the law, and to further clarify and explain the process so that everyone in our community can anticipate and understand how the CC&Rs and the Association’s Rules and Design Guidelines will be enforced. Please review and familiarize yourself with the Policy and exhibits.

Owning a home within a community association offers many advantages to the homeowner, but also imposes some restrictions. These restrictions are not meant as an inconvenience or an invasion of the homeowner’s freedom, but rather as a means of maintaining harmony and beauty within the community.  Cooperation and compliance with the CC&Rs and associated rules and guidelines helps to protect and enhance property values within our neighborhood to the benefit of all residents, so the rules must be fairly and equally enforced. 

The Board of Directors intends to continue its policy of seeking out personal contact with homeowners and tenants as much as possible in order to discuss, consider and resolve differences.  Effective communication is essential to maintaining the harmony within our special community.

Nevertheless, when the rules of the community are broken, and initial attempts to quickly and efficiently resolve differences in an informal setting are unsuccessful, the Board of Directors needs to have clear policies and procedures, known to all residents, for how enforcement measures will be taken to restore compliance.  The Policy enclosed seeks to balance efficiency with reasonableness in addressing the multitude of issues that could arise in our community, with a focus on fairness to everyone involved.



By: ____Sue Levine 6.1.30_______

Sue Levine - On behalf of the Board of Directors

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