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Enforcement Policy

Sunrise Presidio East Homeowner Association

NEW ENFORCEMENT POLICY - November 23, 1021

Dear SPE Owner,

As a Community, we depend on our CC&Rs and our Rules and Regulations to ensure that we maintain an environment that is comfortable, presentable and respectful of the individual members and residents. We have been fortunate that our community understands this, and we have an exemplary record of compliance.

From time to time we have had issues with violations that have not been addressed in a timely manner. Many times, timing or personal issues have caused this to happen but sometimes it gets to a point where it affects other members.

We have worked hard to design a uniform enforcement policy that both recognizes an owner’s potential issues and recognizes that interest in the rest of the community in ensuring compliance with our standards.

The attached policy has been adopted by the Board in order to achieve these objectives in enforcing our policies. It has been prepared in consultation with our outside Counsel to ensure that it complies with the latest Arizona statutes.

It is particularly important that we have an objective and transparent process as we look to transition to a Management Company, which we will ask to utilize this procedure in executing our business for us.

While it may seem a little bureaucratic, we have chosen to err on the side of process so that we treat each instance equally and that there are no misunderstandings involved in enforcing our rules.

On Your Behalf,

SPEHOA Board of Directors


Encl. Enforcement Policy November 23, 2021

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