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Harried Homeowners Handbook 2016

The Sunrise Association Council (SAC) created this listing as a service to the community.  This is a compilation of trade and craft services that your Fairfield Area neighbors have recommended for those little jobs that you cannot handle yourseld.

About the 2016 Handbook

This is the seventh edition of the “HHH” booklet. There is no advertising, neither paid nor for any other consideration. The only source of the information contained is you - the homeowners of our Fairfield Sunrise Communities.

The information in this edition is current. This information is a consolidation of several hundred individual recommendations from our spring 2015 survey. Each referral was contacted and if they do not appear in this book, it is because they did not return our phone call/e-mail, they did not wish to be included or they are no longer in business. The number of recommendations for each vendor is at the end of the vendors listing.

Please note: the area code for listed phone numbers is 520 unless otherwise indicated.

The Editors 

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