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Architecture & Paint Policy and For

Intent of our Policy and Procedures is to maintain a quality, consistent appearance throughout our community, thereby enhancing SPE HOA as an attractive anf desirable place to live.

Caution: ALWAYS, ALWAYS contact the Architecture Committee BEFORE you do anything on the exterior of your home:  walls, drives, walks, doors, artwork, etc. Almost any change outside the interior of your home is governed by SPE HOA Regulatios.

Committee Contacts are found on the SPE HOA Contacts page to your right.

The following documents pertaining to Architecrture Policy and Procedures are attached for your use and review.

  •  Architecture Policy: Ensures that all architectural changes, additions, or modifications to any structure are in strict compliance with the bylaws, CC&Rs and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors. 
  • Architecture Compliance Form:  Periodically the Architecture Committee conducts a comprehensive review of all homes in our Association to ensure their compliance with these Rules and Regulations. Architecture - Exterior Carriage Lights: Specification Form:  Each home has two carriage lights on the street side of the home: one on the garage and one on the side wall going to the front door. In 2015 SPE HOA replaced all the carriage lights on the street side with Maxim Model 1024RP Builder Cast Outdoor Wall Lights.  Any replacement lights on the street side must be this Maxim light fixture-specifications below. If this model is no longer available then the replacement light must meet the specifications required and be approved by the Architectural Committee before installation.
  • New Exterior Paint Program - 2016:   The Board of Directors recently approved an updated Exterior Paint Program. See attached document below for details.
  • A/C and Venting Painting Policy - See document below for details. 

    NOTE:  Extra care should be taken by homeowners to hire expert painters that are familiar with air condition painting.  The paint should be made for extreme heat on metal surfaces and applied with a brush rather than spay.  Improperly painting vents and screws and bolts can damage your unit and cause warranty issues.   






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